…is a Podcast from Sarah and Pablo D’Stair, authors and co-publishers of the art house press KUBOA.

Choosing books randomly–usually Sarah doing the choosing–we will bi-weekly or so be recording approximately 1 hour long conversations about them.  There is no agenda, no introductions, no editing, no features, just an unadulterated, unscripted, personal conversation about the specific title and literature in general.  We aim to read only titles by contemporary, independently or self-published authors (either full books or single stories) though we might dally into other things if the mood strikes.

NOTE:  The authors of the titles we read and converse about are not personally contacted before or after we record and absolutely no personal relationship influences our choice or commentary.

Comments and interactions from listeners are enthusiastically welcomed and if any come our way we will both do our best to personally respond.  We can be contacted either through the comment options on this page or at pswearebetter@gmail.com